Arisit is 100% Australian Owned Company and has exclusive distribution of a range of appliance brands from around the world including Europe, US & China. These appliances range from laundry and cooking appliances to state-of-the-art electronics. From premium, high quality products to affordable living solutions, we provide you with the latest products and appliances helping you to laugh, live and enjoy your everyday life.


Ariston Launch


Ariston was founded by Aristide Merloni in 1930 as a family owned business in Fabriano, Italy. Ariston quickly became Italy’s number 1 appliance brand and to this day has over 40% market share of appliances sold in the Italian market. From kitchen to laundry appliances, Ariston have innovative solutions that are driven by consumer needs. In 1996, Ariston’s distribution around Australia began with Arisit.

Ariston Launch NZ


With its tremendous success in Australia, Ariston continues to flourish as the company begins its distribution in New Zealand.

Masterchef & Capital


Ariston became proud partners of the multi-award-winning show MasterChef Australia. Returning for its tenth season, MasterChef Australia is one of the world’s most loved cooking shows.
Since its creation in 2001, Capital Cooking Equipment Inc. has developed into a major manufacturer of high-quality cooking equipment for households all around the world. Its distribution in Australia began in 2009 and it quickly became a popular brand for the high-end domestic market.



Established in 1996 in Sassaferrato, Italy. Over the last 20 years, Sirius has become a world leader in residential air ventilation and purification. Over 90% of Sirius’ production is exported around the world for many of the leading brands of appliance manufacturers. Sirius represents a blend of design and functionality. Sirius joined the Australian market through Arisit in 2010 and has continued to thrive in technology and design.
Smart is a proudly owned Australian company that develops a range of premium gas, electric and wood fired outdoor cooking appliances that refuse to compromise on reliability, quality, and innovation. The Smart Wall Mount BBQ is proudly designed in Australia and made in Italy. It features the world’s first wall-mounted barbecue with a complete foldaway design with electric grill plates making it ideal for small balconies and apartment buildings.

Husky & Tisira


Husky is a refrigeration specialist with over 50 years of experience within the industry of manufacturing quality refrigeration products. Husky offers a wide range of retro, back bar fridges, alfresco bar fridges and Vino Pro wine fridges for the domestic market and a commercial range of fridges and freezers ideal for any shop, café, restaurant, bar or other retail environment.
The Tisira range has been specially developed here in Australia for the Australian and New Zealand markets offering a complete home appliance selection catering for the commercial and domestic market.



Octopuss are appliance installation experts, a one-stop-shop in order to quickly and easily install a wide range of gas and electrical products. Octopuss installers are familiar with all the major brands sold in Australia.

Steel Cucine & 1st Service Van


Situated in Carpi near Bologna, Steel is owned and run by the Po family, who are the third generation to be involved in the production of range cooking equipment. The craftsmanship started in 1922 with Angelo Po, firstly with wood burning stoves, before beginning production of advanced commercial cooking models for restaurants. Born in 1999 Steel immediately promoted itself as a specialist in design and manufacture of its sophisticated stainless steel range cookers for the domestic market. As Steel has grown, so has the importance of their own brand names such as Genesi and Ascot and there is also a range of semi-professional barbecues and outdoor cooking equipment.


We proudly welcome our very first service van.

4th Service van & Launch of NZ Showroom


With the success of our first service van and our steady growth as a company, we welcome our 4th service van.
As Arisit continues to thrive in Australia and overseas, we celebrate the launch of the New Zealand showroom.

Monster Launch


Monster has been leading the way with innovation in Headphones, Speakers, HDMI Cables, Wall Mounting and Power Solutions for nearly four decades.




The Way You Care

Built In Ovens, Cooktops, Washer/Dryers


The Art of Precision

Upright Cookers, Indoor Oven Range


Stile in CUCINA

Upright Cookers, Built In Ovens


Do What You Love

Built In Ovens, Cooktops, Cookers, Dishwasher, Washing Machines, Sinks, Taps


Always Lead. Never Follow

Speakers, Cables, Headphones, Mounts


The leading choice when it comes to RANGEHOOD

Downdraft, Undermount, Canopy Rangehoods


Art in Outdoor Cooking

Pizza Oven, Electric BBQ, Wallmount BBQ


British Designed Refrigeration Units

Commercial Fridges, Refrigerator, Bar Fridge