Bluejet Home Theatre Cables & Adapters

Purchase from the very best TV cables that Bluejet has to offer. You can choose between high quality HDMI cables that have been created for computing, gaming, home entertainment and many other purposes. The BlueJet range of HDMI cables are available in various styles including high quality 4K & 8K HDMI cables with features such as 26AWG copper conductions, gold-plated full metal jackets and triple-shielding connectors for high performance. Enjoy ultra high speed hdmi 4K & 8K content with video at 60 hx with 48-bit deep colour. The BlueJet HDMI cable is a great choice that offers excellent playback and high-speed connectivity.

You can also purchase high quality Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cables to connect your TV to your Sound Bar or Home Theatre System. The convenient cable seamlessly connects a gaming console, Blu-Ray player or CD player to your home theatre or audio system. Crafted using high quality materials, Bluejet cables offer corrosion-resistant and PVC exterior to provide distortion-free sound. The Bluejet TV cables can be connected seamlessly thanks to connector grips that provide easy handling. When the cables aren’t connected, removable rubber tips ensure the connectors are protected. The TV cables from BlueJet are widely compatible and capable of working with most standard and high-definition devices available today.