Sonorous TV Furniture & Cabinetry

Sonorous' latest TV furniture & cabinetry are available in a range of finishes from High Gloss Black Wood to Black Glass and make a functional and stylish addition to any lounge room or home theatre. They also provide discreet storage solutions which seamlessly combine practicality with style. These TV stand designs from Sonorous have been crafted to meet the design language and style required by even the most demanding home owners. Features within the range include hidden castors in each leg within selected models to make moving the tv console to your desired position faster. All Sonorous TV consoles are created with the push to open door system using high quality hinges to ensure consistent and smooth operation.

These tv cabinets from Sonorous are crafted with open rear spaces to provide sufficient air flow and ventilation ensuring that your AV equipment have all the air they need. The cabinets are also made with glass shelves and aluminium sidings that are protected with a coating to reduce fingerprints and stains. All the furniture collections from Sonorous have been designed and manufactured to provide the highest attention to quality and detail.