Richter digital radios have been designed with you in mind. Tangible, clear and simple buttons to set-up your radio and flick between functions and to manage your device. Bring your favourite music to life with our new Series 6 range of loudspeakers and subwoofers. In a new clean modern look, we’ve taken a new approach and designed this range to deliver clarity and realism with an exceptional sound stage, so you can immerse yourself in an engaging entertainment experience.
Digital Radio

This Richter AM/FM Portable DAB+ Digital Radio lets you take your favourite Radio Stations wherever you go. The inbuilt AM/FM tuner ensures you can enjoy local stations that aren’t on the Digital Platform or remain listening where you find yourself outside the DAB+ Digital area. Battery operated for when you are out and plugin to mains when you get home.

Subwoofer Speaker

The Thor Series 6 takes Richter subwoofer speakers to a whole new level. We have focused on Music, integration with other Richter products for a seamless experience and powerful Home Theatre Performance.

About Richter

From a low-key launch in 1986, Richter Acoustics has steadily grown to become Australia’s favourite home-grown speaker brand.. With over thirty years of designing and manufacturing speakers renowned for performance and value for money, the company has garnered in excess of 30 industry and government awards for excellence.
The model which undoubtedly put Richter on the map was the Wizard which still ranks as the largest selling Australian loudspeaker of all time, with many thousands of pairs finding an appreciative home the length and breadth of the country. The Wizard is universally acknowledged as the product that, single handed, legitimised the entire Australian loudspeaker manufacturing industry, offering as it did, some very serious competition to the imports and embarrassing many highly respected brands from the U.S.A. and U.K.
“This latest S6 version of the Richter Wizard takes a proven award-winning design to its highest level yet in terms of sound quality, visual appearance, cabinet stability and amplifier friendliness, so it seems certain that the Richter Wizard will continue to wear the crown of being the best-selling Australian loudspeaker” (quoted in Best Buys Magazine Jan 2020)
Recently Richter embraced Digital DAB+ Radio launching the first Richter Digital Radios in August 2017 bringing Richter to a new audience with plans to also launch a Streaming Radio Range in the future embracing the wide World of digital content.
Our objective at Richter is to continue to design and engineer products that deliver features and performance in excess of what the price might suggest.