Husky Vino Pro 380L Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Fridge in S/Steel Door Trim (HUS-WC128D-ZY)
Husky Vino Pro 380L Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Fridge in S/Steel Door Trim (HUS-WC128D-ZY)
Husky Vino Pro 380L Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Fridge in S/Steel Door Trim (HUS-WC128D-ZY)


Husky Vino Pro 380L Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Fridge in S/Steel Door Trim (HUS-WC128D-ZY)

The Husky Double Zone Wine Fridge comes equipped with a large 380 Litre/128 wine bordeaux wine bottle capacity and a range of features to help preserve the taste of your quality wine collection. This stylish unit comes with a sleek black trim with a vent at the front making it ideal to integrate into cabinetry in your kitchen, bar, games room, restaurant or cafe. Ensure that your high quality wine collection is protected with the Husky range of Vino Pro wine fridges.


Features and Benefits

  • 3 Year Warranty on all parts and labour helping to guarantee peace of mind and value for money.
  • Large 380 Litre capacity, with the ability to hold 128 bordeaux wine bottles (64 upper zone, 64 lower zone).
  • Set the temperature to anywhere between 5 deg C to 12 deg C (upper zone), or 12 deg C-18 deg C (lower zone), providing the ability to store and service wine at the desired temperature.
  • Black frame, handle and kick plate offering a modern, stylish finish.
  • Active carbon filter with triple ventilations system helps to encourage airflow within the fridge. This improved air quality within the refrigerator helps to eliminate odours which will preserve the natural taste of the wine stored within the unit.
  • A digital temperature display allows the temperature to be simple and easy to control.
  • Additional security to the contents of your wine refrigerator is provided through in built locks which come as standard.
  • A UV free dimmed blue LED internal light allows sufficient visibility within the unit on demand whilst not damaging the tannins within the wine and preserving the quality.
  • Twelve telescopic beech wood shelves which are removable allow easy access within the wine fridge on demand whilst not damaging the quality of the wine.
  • A UV coated glass door helps to provide superior insulation and reduce harmful UV rays which can alter the natural taste of the wine whilst also increasing energy efficiency.
  • An anti vibration system with shock resistant shelving and adjustable feet help to minimise vibrations in the unit.
  • The door comes fitted with a right-hand door hinge as standard. This can be reversed to a left-hand hinge if required. Husky does not offer this service.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Code: HUS-WC128D-ZY
  • EESS Registration: Commercial Refrigerator – Level 1 – Supplier Number E1152
  • Number of Zones: Two
  • Number of Shelves: Twelve
  • Reversible door: Yes
  • Control Panel: Digital Temperature Display and Control
  • Total Voltage: 132V
  • Input Power: 130W
  • Energy Consumption: 1.095kWh/24h
  • Lamp Power: 1.5W
  • Refrigerant: R600a/50g
  • Maximum Noise Level: 42dBA
  • Length of Cord: 180cm
  • Product Dimensions (Door Closed): (W) 595mm x (D) 600mm x (H)1580-1596mm
  • Product Dimensions (Door Open):(W) 595mm x (D) 1235mm x (H)1580mm-1596mm
  • Cut Out Dimensions (When Built into Cabinetry): (W) 615mm x (D) 610mm x (H) 1590mm-1606mm

Note: Please allow a minimum 50mm clearance at the rear of the fridge and sufficient room around the sides and top of the fridge as per the cut out dimensions when integrated into cabinetry.

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