Monster 8K 48GBPS Premium HDMI Cable - 6 Ft. Length (MCHDMI8001-6)
Monster 8K 48GBPS Premium HDMI Cable - 6 Ft. Length (MCHDMI8001-6)


Monster 8K 48GBPS Premium HDMI Cable - 6 Ft. Length (MCHDMI8001-6)

Speed rated at 48.0 Gbps, this 8K Premium HDMI cable is professional-grade and designed for Ultra HD entertainment. There’s plenty of bandwidth to connect all of your home entertainment devices and have them working at peak performance.

8K Ultra High Definition Ready Professional-Grade HDMI Cable

The ultimate solution for high-definition picture and sound. Our cables feature epic 8K picture quality with HDR imaging and high-speed transfer rates of up to 48 Gbps to keep you in the action.

Modern 24K gold-plated V-Grip connectors keep your cables snugly in their place and help ensure the best connection possible. 120Hz ultra-smooth transitions keep the frame rate flowing so you never lose another match to lag. Top it off with a state-of-the-art eARC return channel and up to 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and you're ready to rock. Unleash your best and make your streaming experience unforgettable with a new UHD Premium Monster Cable 8K HDMI Cable.


Product Features

  • 8K HDR Ultra High Definition Compatibility
  • HDMI 2.1 High Speed with Ethernet
  • HDR-High Dynamic Range Picture Depth and Color Quality
  • Minimum of 48 Gbps Transfer Rates
  • 120 Hz Transitions for Higher FPS Levels
  • Up to 7.1 Dolby DTS-HD Surround Sound
  • 24K Gold V-Grip Connectors for a superior, more stable connection
  • eARC Audio Return Channel
  • 48 Bit Color Ratio for Vivid Picture Quality

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