SANUS Vuepoint On-Wall Floating Glass Shelf (FPA400-B1)


SANUS Vuepoint On-Wall Floating Glass Shelf (FPA400-B1)

SANUS VuePoint FPA400 is a single-column AV component system that mounts directly under wall-mounted TVs for a sleek, streamlined look. Its center column features an integrated channel for easy power cable and signal wire routing. Thick tempered-glass shelf will support up to 15 lbs and can be vertically adjusted to accommodate any AV component arrangement. Combine more than one FPA400 for a multiple shelving unit.

Product Features

  • Conceal unsightly cables
  • Easy to install
  • The perfect addition to a mounted TV

Technical Specifications

  • Product Brand: SANUS Vuepoint
  • Product Code: FPA400-B1
  • Product Dimensions: (w) 43.18cm x (h) 16.0cm
  • Product Weight Capacity: 15.0lbs/6.8kg

Regular price$79.95
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