Thor 4 Outlet Filtered Board with Better Filtration and USB (E1/45U)


Thor 4 Outlet Filtered Board with Better Filtration and USB (E1/45U)

The Ultimate Protection

SmartProtect 6 does more than protect your valuable electronic equipment. The two USB power ports automatically adjust to the voltage of your smart technology to charge your devices quicker.
The Thor SmartBrain not only protects from surges, it also filters and cleans electrical frequency noise to give you unbeatable sound and video quality. Enjoy a truer AV experience with better picture quality and purer sound.

Inside The Brain

All serious power protection diverts excess energy to earth first. If there is good earth connection then the protector will last longer. E1/45U has an earth detection LED for this reason. SmartBrain entry level filter is a passive technology. Managing to cover a more comprehensive range of shielding to like competitors by “cleaning” a wider range of unwanted frequency noise. The filter works both ways. Stopping noise from robbing equipment performance as well as connected devices’ noise contaminating power.

This Product is Designed to Protect the Following Types of Products:

  • HiFi and Home Theatre
  • Active/Passive Speakers
  • Computers (Laptops/Tablets)
  • Printers and Scanners

Product Features

  • 4 Protected Outlets
  • 1.2m Cable Length
  • 2 USB Ports (Massive 4.8A Fast Charging)
  • Earth Detection Circuit
  • Large Plug Adaptor
  • Pay Tv Protection
  • Aerial Protection
  • Data/Voice Protection
  • Fire Retardent
  • 6 Year Replacement Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Product Code: E1/45U
  • EESS Registration Number: E2022076572
  • EESS Equipment Class: Level 3, Outlet Device - Level 3
  • Supply Voltage 240/V AC 50/Hz
  • Maximum Current Rating 10amps/2400 W (VA)
  • Clamping Voltage 275V AC
  • Reaction Time Less Than 1 Nanosecond
  • Maximum Translent Spike Impulse Current 125,000 Amps (Equivalent To 31,200 Amps Using UL 1449 Standard)
  • Maximum Energy Dissipation 3670 Joules (Equivalent To 1240 Joules Using UL1449 Standard)
  • Protection Modes: (All 4 Outlets Protects On All 3 Conductors): Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth)
  • EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter
  • Total Number Of Protected AC Outlets: 4
  • Total Number Of Protected USB Ports: 2
  • Pay TV'F' Type Connection: 1 In And 1 Out
  • AV/TV Antenna Coax Connection: 1 In And 1 Out
  • RJ 45 Data Protection: 1 In And 1 Out
  • Earth Potential Rise Protection
  • Earth Leakage Range Less Than 1 Milli Amp
  • Operating Conditions: Indoor/AC Mains
  • Operating Temperatures: -10C/+60C
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Dimensions: 430mm (L) x 35mm (H) x 75mm (W)


E1/45U - Thor 4 Outlet Surge Protector Power Board With Better Filtration - Brochure

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