Whirlpool 29L Freestanding AirFry Microwave Oven in Black with Silver Handle (MWP298BAUS-SH)

Introducing the Freestanding Microwave with AirFry – A Versatile Culinary Companion for the Modern Australian Home. Discover the perfect blend of convenience, innovation, and healthy cooking with our state-of-the-art Freestanding Microwave with AirFry. This versatile kitchen appliance is designed to meet all your cooking needs while elevating your culinary experience.

Product Features

  • AirFry: The Air Fryer function enables you to enjoy healthy, tasty food at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to greasy, oil-fried dishes and embrace the healthier alternative with our built-in air fryer. Enjoy scrumptious, guilt-free delicacies at the touch of a button.
  • Rotisserie: The detachable rotating rotisserie bar, controlled by an independent motor ensures evenly roasted results
  • Forced Air: This technology forces hot air into the cavity and cooks without using the microwaves, just like a traditional oven
  • Quartz Grill: Uses less energy, but heats up faster (in 60 seconds) preparing food 3 times faster than a traditional infrared grill. The grill can also burn away any food and dirt residue making it self-cleaning
  • Chef Menu:  Pre-set programs to make cooking a completely intuitive experience
  • Auto-Clean: Automatic Easy to Clean Function with direct access to the functionality on the control panel. No use of chemicals is needed.
  • Accessories Included: Rotisserie Kit, High Grill Rack, Low FC Rack & Pizza Baking Stone
  • 2-Year Replacement Manufacturer Warranty: Guarantees peace of mind and value for money knowing that any product fault or defect is covered by a full replacement to ensure the product works as described.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Code: MWP298BAUS-SH
  • EESS Approval: E2022088585 Level 3, Microwave Oven - Level 3
  • Display: LED - Green
  • Control: Touch Control
  • Door / Handle Design: Tinted glass door with chrome plated handle
  • Capacity: 29L
  • Turntable Diameter: 315mm
  • Product Dimensions: (w) 539mm x (h) 300mm x (d) 514mm
  • Microwave Power: 900W
  • Grill Power: 1200W
  • Forced Air Power: 2200W
  • Power: 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Packaging Dimensions: (w) 608mm x (h) 385mm x (d) 568mm
  • Product Weight: 19.4kg
  • Packaged Weight: 21kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-Year Replacement


MWP298BAUS - Whirlpool 29L Freestanding AirFry Microwave Oven - Spec Sheet

MWP298BAUS - Whirlpool 29L Freestanding AirFry Microwave Oven - User Manual

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